Save Your Date


After being shown in September 2009 in London at the Dray Walk Gallery, the exhibition "Re-enactment, Retro and Revival Style Today" comes to Toulouse into a different form. Originalily curated by photographer Nick Clements, the exhibition now called "Tracing the Roots of Style" will bring a selection of 30 exclusive images by Clements (all for sale). Additional exhibition is "Shine a Light" with 15 images by Guerry & Prat (also for sale). The street will be closed to casual traffic and reserved for beautiful vintage machines and pretty girls :-)). Opening Thursday May 27th at Eastside, 16 rue Peyras, Toulouse.

Friday May 28th is the Southsiders MC 2sd trail part 1 & Saturday May 29th, part 2. If you are interested in joining, please send us a email.

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