Your Favorite Five #004


Our fourth "My Favorite Five" guest is from Australia. Three hours away from Sydney, our friend Matt lives in the countryside, among happy snakes. Matt, a previous architect, now builts and restaures motorcycles : Norton and Italian and even more into customs machines.
Hey Matt, open up a beer and relax on the sofa, your time is now !

in order...

1. max schaaf's knuckle
in my opinion max's knuckle is one of the coolest bikes ever....when i first saw a shot of that bike...i forget where...i was like ..what the fuck is that?! it had all the things i liked at that time...black satin paint, all those great original parts that had been altered, and those fucked up crazy pipes...i loved it then and i wish it was mine now ...the best photo i ever saw of it was this side shot by the dutchman....

2. a norvin
ive always wanted a period perfect norvin....ive just about given up hope of ever being able to find an original motor so that i could build one...but for my money it doesnt come much better than a vincent motor in a wideline featherbed frame ....plenty of cred at the cafe up the old road when your on a norvin...

3. my old 76ss ducati.
i rode my 81 hailwood to this cafe in sydney once....and parked next to this beautiful ss ducati....i instantly became friends with mick its owner...and i spent the next couple of years trying to get him to sell me that bike....i loved it..it was a hotrod and was one of the fastest most cantankerous bikes i had ever ridden...when i got it though everywhere i went people would say where's mick? so i pulled it apart and redid it....noone ever said that again...i sold it to put money into my business and never forgave myself...i want it back.

4. Fred Luther's 6 cylinder plymouth motorcycle...
all i can say is get fucked with this bike.. a few years ago i had an idea of building a 6 cylinder hemi slant six engined bike...then i started to do some research and saw this bike...1935..!...and i thought my god the balls of this guy...how big must they have been?! he raced this bike at bonneville in 1935 and did 180mph in second gear when he spat a rod...ride this one to mooneyes and see what happens.

5. a garden gate manx norton with a headlight
im badly norton crazy but to have a garden gate manx on the street would be just a dream come true...id ride the tyres off that thing for sure...the nearest i could ever come was my garden gate 50 es2...i rode that thing around sydney for about 6 years non stop...and i still love when i ride it...single knocker garden gate thats what i want.

anyway...ive got about a hundred more
jeff deckers crocker
a velo thruxton
a 35 excelsior manxman
an xr750
mv 750 sport
green frame ducati
walter moore cs1 norton
chopper daves pan
hd model s 350 peashooter
59 bonnie...dont tell anyone
dbd34 goldie
cole fosters blue bike......

Ha ha You like it? Rendez vous next week...