Brad's Norton "S" Commando


Brad is from Tecumseh, ON

" My name is Brad Dawe. i'm a tattooer from eastern Canada. i've got several vintage bikes but this is, by far, my favorite to drive. handles like a dream. it's a 1970 Norton "s". got it in rough shape a couple years ago. spent a winter fixing her up. it's my daily driver. "

The 1970 Norton Commando 750S motorcycle was the old-line British motorcycle maker's game attempt at a sport bike that would fend off Japanese rivals. The 1970 Norton Commando 750S motorcycle was good, but not good enough.

The Norton Commando motorcycle appeared in several configurations during its lifetime, and the "S" model arrived in 1969. Its distinctive high exhaust pipes with heat shields set the Norton Commando 750S motorcycle apart from other Commandos.

More importantly, the S stood for Sport, and magazine reviews raved about the new levels of performance. But despite its 125-mph capabilities, the Norton Commando 750S model slipped into oblivion during the 1970 model year, though the Commando line itself continued on into the mid-1970s.

all pictures copyright : Brad Dawe/Quinlan photographic