Your Favorite Five #001


Today we start a new column: "Your Favorite Five". One dose per week.
We all have fantasies & dreams : the bikes we would love to own, or perhaps for the lucky few, those we ride every day.
For some of us it's about performance, for some other it is aesthetic, historical aspect, or inheritance
Lie on the couch and tell us e v e r y t h i n g !

We begin with M. Jeff Decker, artist, collector, gentleman of the vintage motorcycle.

©Vincent Prat

I am lucky & own two of my dream bikes.

My 1914 Cyclone is my ultimate dream, & I was able to put one together from parts several years ago.
There is no other board track racing era machine as advanced and as successful as that brand. Perhaps 11 are known to exist.

The Crocker, is the first American production custom, I have a 1941 custom & for over a decade have been putting together my 1938 hemi-head.
A great California bike with less than 75 known.

The Moto Guzzi V8.

The late 50's Honda RC164 6 cylinder work racer, like the one campaigned by Mike Hailwood.

The 1916 Excelsior OHV work bikes that legend tells us were destroyed by Ignaz Schwinn after his stepson crashed & died setting a track record.

You asked for five... but I must mention a HD DAH hill climber, HD CAC speedway machine, a LITO, the Curtis 8 cylinder & the 3 cylinder, a flat tank Flying Merkel work racer, a strap tank HD, an early 4 cylinder MV, are you sure I can't include a few dozen more?!

Ah Ah!! you like that? rendez vous next week...