Conrad Leach


The first time i saw Conrad's works it was during the last Legend of the motorcycles in Half Moon Bay, Cal. where had been invited. This guy is really an unbelievable arist, i invite you to take a look on hi paintings and if you're going to London take time to find him.
I ask Conrad to give the Southsiders a brief story on him, so enjoy.

Norton jack & Conrad


“The Legend of the Motorcycle, The Ritz – Cartlon, Half Moon Bay, California, USA.
May 2008
Conrad Leach was invited to debut a new selection of paintings reflecting his love of motorcycle culture at the Legend of the Motorcycle 2008 event.
The event brings together a selection of privately owned classic motorcycles in the spirit of a ‘Concourse D’Elegance’ style event held over a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Half Moon Bay, California.”
The subjects of the paintings were :
Norton Jack – The golden age of racing at Brooklands in England.
Banner Racers – Classic 60’s American Road racing.
Lucky 13 – The start of competitive racing in America.
Wyatt – A Tribute to Easy Rider star Peter Fonda.
All paintings were large scale Acrylic on Canvas.
Also available as a series of box framed Giclee prints.

Brooklands George final canvas

Norton Jack

Lucky 13final canvas

Brookland George – Produced for Dunhill, London, 2008 - George Cohen (Norton Single Guru) on his Brooklands inspired ‘Silver Nob”.


An ongoing series of works produced for the Gauntlett Gallery (see attached info sheet).
Gauntlett Gallery is owned by Richard Gauntlett son of the late Victor Gauntlet (previous owner of Aston Martin Motor Company, UK.).
Gauntlett Gallery are My European representation.
A show with Gauntlett is planned in London in 2010.

Bluebird final canvas


An ongoing series of works produced with Hisato ‘Casper’Hamada (my agent in Asia).
Blending western aesthetic with traditional Japanese iconography -
There is a show planned in Tokyo at the end of 2010.

Hata 3 panels no background

Mr Hata and Conrad at the Grosvenor

Whant to see more, his website : http://www.conradleach.com/