Andrew's Norton


A couple of days ago, i ask Andrew from Australia, to tell us a little bit more about is V.R Norton.

The bike is the(very first )Vintage Rebuild bike. It was featured on the cover of Cycle World in September of 1999. I don't know how familiar you are with the Kenny Dreer story but he was the guy who made a go out of starting up production of the 'new' Commando.
I purchased this bike from the USA and imported it to the Australia 18 months ago.
So this is a pretty unique bike. . Its definitely an extremely rare machine and has a great history .

I myself have been a passionate Norton man for many years,Committee man on the Norton Owners Club in South Australia.

Andrew Brown

Personally i found that those very first Kenny Dreer's motorcycle were fabulous and i know time has been hard for him but seriously why do those guys in England have gone so far away from the original Kenny's project ... Its a mistery.