Eastside Photo Exhibition


I wish Life could be all like it was last week end_it was tough to get back to work Monday morning. Our exhibition was a beyond expectations success : thank you to all for so much effort and passion. Sharing this week end with you all was intense. Vincent P.

It's been already two years since the birth of our blog and these three days of celebration, ie meetings, discoveries, motorcycles, photography, food and beverages from our soil were fantastic. May we repeat the enjoyment again and again!
BenoƮt G.

Three days of absolute joy_thank God, Nick Clements was there to join me in the Cool Section of the Southsiders (ie the two of us), the other guys being the Tornado Speedies. Also thank you Nick for saving me on the road when I went out of gas_I felt totally numb (and not confortably numb)_A week-end of true friendship.

An event of charm and pathos. The bike tribes of Toulouse come together!
Nick C.

Nick's Hanging

Inside Eastside

All of our passions mixed in a same place?

The street is ours

Photos by Xu Qiang

Complete PhotoBook here
More photos by Olivier my son here
more photos by Dav from le Container



Self Edge said...

I wish i could have been there, the event looks amazing.


Brian 'Spoo' Spour said...

Wish I could have been there..it looks like a great day and evening of lifestyle and motorcycles...love the look of the shop,have to come to Toulouse and visit.


Anonymous said...

damn, that looks like a fun party! thanks for sharing the invite and the photos. Maybe we can do something for your friends and fans here in SF? ;)