Beauty and the Guzzis


Our German neighbors are tifosi with Moto Guzzi, and I understand that, especially when they are cleaned and transformed into real track and road beasts , Axel Budde of Hamburg is a specialist:

"I´ve been building Guzzi cafe racers for 14 years, specialized in modifying Le Mans models for street and track.
The bikes you see are cleaned Le Mans frames with Le Mans 4 engine housings. The engines develop around 92HP(+) and 104NM torque. All parts and the finish on the bikes are modified or selfmade."
Customers interested in special Guzzis, please contact me via my Website or call +49 40 81901891 / +49 160 6370483 (mobile).



Darmah_Bum said...

The Link to the website appears to be broken.

vincent prat said...


Thanks Darmah.

david said...

I love his bikes. This guy has good taste!

toni said...

does "this guy" know how to fix oil leak

david said...

Ahah, very funny! "Oilfalls" toni, not oil leak!!

YJH said...

oui Dave, en fait faudrait Frank Lloyd Wright pour s'occuper de ta b├ęcane_il a l'habitude des Falls

Unknown said...

Guzzis are don't just leak oil, they mark their territory. :)