Norton Vs Triumph II


Over the years the "Lot" department next to ours, has become one of our favorite destination for motorcycle runs. There, on the low tourist season, you will not meet many people. This is just the tip of the world within our reach: fantastic roads and scenery.
After an hour of quiet country roads under the heavy rain, we were at our meeting point with the third Triumph crew, we continued to drive another hour to reach the first stop, drink: wine of Cahors and hearty meals (Aligot, half mashed potatoes, half Cantal cheese:) for warmth ...

We then took the bikes to ride up the night in absolutely deserted scenery.
Of course, with my limited Roadster tank, I fell out of gas; This added a bit of suspence to the fallen of the day...
A good reason to make a hearty dinner with "foie gras" and an Alsatian famous dish.
We fell like stones to sleep!

On Sunday, even on dry road ambience, with a heavy sky, we drove in good conditions.
The are few open restaurants (the biggest problem in our country) at this time of year, so we had to return to the highly touristic village of St Cirq Lapopie.
Then we resumed our trip, until next time...

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and a video clip below