The Major's bobber


I asked Tom a few days ago to tell us more about him and his very nice bobber made by himself. Find bellow what he sent me.
Thanks Tom for your email and once again we like your bobber here at the Southsiders,its a cool, simple and very nice bike.

My Name is Tom Lorenz (my friend call me "Major") I was born in Vienna in 1969
I always loved the vintage British bikes but I could not find the right one to buy in Vienna so I decided to build my own one. As I started to build the bike, I did not know anything about Triumph-motors, I just know how it should look like in the End.
I bout a Thunderbird 6T Frame from 1952 and a T110 Engine from 1955 in Germany and start to work in 2006.
After 2,5 Years of sweat, anger and pain, it was done. A garage build bobber.

The Bike:

Frame: Triumph Thunderbird 6T 1952
Engine: Triumph T110 1955 with Aluminium Head,750ccm Big bore and two Amal Monoblock Carburettors
Wheels: Avon Front 19" Back 18"
Tank: Wassell Banana Tank
Transmission: original Thunderbird 6T with belt-drive
Ignition: Joe Hunt Magneto
Electricity: Dynamo 12V

Take time to visit Tom's blog : http://bobbercrew.blogspot.com/