And God created Laverda (by Max Collonge)

Once upon a time right after the Dinosaurs, God created Laverda …

After Laverda, God created Orange color!

In 2004 I invited Piero Laverda to attend the Trofeo Rosso and have a drink with me and all the Team.

Piero Laverda on the Left

During 1 hour 1/2 we took an aperitif called « The Lavergnac « … I let you find out what it is ….
One Year later in 2005 , at the Bol d'Or classic race, Mr Laverda  came with all his staff (about 30 pers.)to see me and ask for another famous Lavergnac aperitive...
2006, with our race organisation (Cambouis et compagnie),I kept on inviting Piero Laverda to have a ride with us on the fabulous Charade Circuit.

In September 2007, I called Piero to ask him a favor , I needed a 750 SF cylinder head and a lightened crankshaft to race the 2008 Bol D’Or Classic.
He told me that this part wouldn't work well  and proposed me something else.
His proposal was to drive for the Bol D’Or with my brother a 1974 Bol D’Or Spaceframe 1000.

In March 2008 we’re going in Italy to see Mr Laverda.
4 unbelievable days invited in his house surounded by all the most beautiful bikes and prototypes made by Laverda where we tested the Spaceframe 1000 on the Adria Circuit.
After testing the bike in Italy we came back in France to test the bike in Magny Cours on dry and wet conditions.

We were qualified for the race where my brother took the first start and i took the second one.
We arrived at the 27th position but happy to be there… We will do better rank next time but this will be another story.
The brothers in Nogaro last Summer

Text by Max Collonge
Pictures by Laurent Tomas and Southsiders-MC