Another Manx, Another life

My friend Bill "Hoofhearted" from Riverside (SoCal) answered the Post of "the smoked Manx" by sending me the story and evolution of his own Manx Norton.
This guy is great, you must follow this story

I was living in Ireland when I built it. I'm now back home in California. I still have the Norton but not the motor. As I told you I broke it at a time where you couldn't get parts. The Norton now has an old Weslake speedway engine in it.

As the years pass I no longer road race it but I do run it at El Mirage and Bonneville and am proud to say it hold its class record at both venues. I took very few photos of it but here are a few that I did take. The seat was on because I was going to the Isle of Man (as a spectator not racer) and my wife was coming along.

Going to the Isle of Man

I've owned the Norton since 1967 and it has evolved over the years. Heres a few more photos to give you a better choice for your blog.
I should explain the photos. The first is the Norton in the lights at El Mirage. It ran 129.917mph (208kph?). The second is at Bonneville 2007 and the third is after I got it built and running and fourth is from 1974 getting ready for a trip to the Isle of Man. Take care.

at El Mirage

at Bonneville

The origin 1967

Just for a laugh there is a video of the Norton on youtube. It was taken in 2007 at El Mirage. There was a cross wind and they weren't letting the cars run but they let the bikes run. I was about a mile out when I got hit by a gust of wind. But the Norton still managed to run 123 mph. There is also a nice little 1947 350 BSA belonging to a friend, Scott Baxter.

I am curious to know where you are in France. Just don't tell me you live in the Luberon or I'll have to come visit you! Having seen a lot of travel shows on France I am slightly jealous. It seems to be a beautiful country that has managed to retain its character and charm. My wife wants me to retire and move to the Luberon. I wish I was rich enough to do that.

Bill i'm not living in the Luberon, i'm from the Basque Country (Biarritz) which is in the south west of France on the Atlantic coast 25 km from Spain. Its also a beautiful country ( good food & good wine) where you're very welcome. Just let me know next time you cross the Ocean.
Thanks again for this great Story