The Veroland's Softail

Hi Frank
Thanks for your invitation, I really appreciate it.
here is some words that I can wrote down about me:

My name is Veroland, Im an Indonesian.
I Build Kustom cars and motorcycle here in Indonesia.
I built a few Shovels,Iron heads, pan etc
When they started to call it old school, I begin to built more swing arm
bikes and evos.
Now I just doin' what I like and which is more fun from me...doesn't matter
if its raked,stretch or got suspension on it.

The real"Spitfire"

Originally a 1996 Heritage softail.
it used to be my customers bike that I bought arround 99.
the style been changed many times like 70's style with coffin, bobber style etc.
change the frame a couple of times with rigid but after a while I got bored with it (its just me).

Arround 2003 I had this idea to push a stock evo bike to the limit without major modification.
since I collect many junks for my self,I just moved it from my cabinet to this bike...you know,just for a little fun between mounting billet parts for my customers bikes...
found a used 18x6,5" wheel at the corner of my shop then I thought hey,why not?
I can use a 200 tire for the back...besides, Im gonna look too big with old style skinny tire anyway...and for the front I use 21 spool wheels.
I mounted a 4 speed tranny with kick and electric starter with a ribbed primary cover that I kept for years.

From there I just tried to match other parts with ribbed style, just because I really crazy about edmunds heads or Eddie Meyer heads for flathead V8 ford.
Donated CCI rocker boxes,7 finned air cleaner that I bought from So-Cal speed shop,Moon pedal etc.
the headlight guard came from a 50's Jaguar horn cover, and for tail light is a classic Microphone with LED inside it.
I also used a welding torch for the jockey shift and a water petcock that I put under the gastank...use it as a petcock offcourse.
oil lines are copper hardlines that I bent, Mark duckman risers,hand made handle bar ,adjustable triple tree,WL seat and a set of modified Arlen Ness forward control (ok, its billet..and I proud of it!! haha!).

I machined the Pegs and grips from Brass and fabricated the rear fender and the struts...oh ya, I also fabricated the cocktail shaker muffler and the chromed gastank.
actually, many other small details that I think is gonna make my list too long for your post, Frank...so, feel free to edit it my friend.
well, this bike becoming my favorite bike and my daily ride ever since..and still change it around when I have spare times.
last month I just changed the oil tank with a pair of Mr.Roadster oil filters that I bolt together.
my friends thought its so funny I ride a stock frame bike because I've built many rigids,goose neck, stretched and extreme rake.

I dont really know how but this bike reminds me to keep having fun while I build bikes...like how to have a nice comfort suspension but with a rigid look, a reliable one kicked newer engine with an old look..and the most important thing is you dont have to be bankrupt just to have a perfect bike. for me a nice bike not just look good when it parked, but also look perfect with your size and character wehen you ride it.
Trends changing, underground went mainstream..suddenly theres a rule for bike building, then we started to loose our main Goal : build a bike that you like to suits you and having fun with it!
and maybe, just maybe...for a bonus, a super cool guy from the other side of your world contact you and said he likes your bike.

Thanks Veroland for your text and pics