The CP Project One

By Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat

Do Featherbed, Batman and Tyranausrus.rex have something in common ?

For a couple years we have wanted to design a bike. It all started when we came back from the Legend of Motorcycles in June 2008, where we met a good part of the best motorcycle builders and enthusiasts.
As english motorcycles fans, we decided to use a featherbed frame and a triumph 750 engine. Of course with a beginning like this, our only direction was to build a Triton. But we didn’t want to make the thousandth caferacer or the thousandth triton. We wanted to make something more personal, a bike that matched better with our backgrounds and interests. That’s why we decided to do our best to forget all the british standards for these kinds of bikes and follow our own road.

First drawings with front brake

When we started designing, we quickly discovered what the final bike should be; a mix of Batman’s motorcycle with a T.rex fastback and a general feeling of Catwoman’s curves.

In other words, a blend of all that we love from the Comics culture.
You’re going to tell me that designing a bike is easy; the real challenge is building it. We were lucky enough to be joined on this project by Daniel Delfour who knew how to read into our cads and make the dream come true.

Inch by inch, talking and working together, we succeeded in making the bike look as close to how we had originally envisioned it as possible. We made our first bike…
We have all been into motorcycle for many years. One loves classics, the others love a certain idea of custom, vintage and dirt track bikes and that’s what we tried to mix by building this bike together.
Purists will say that it’s a sacrilege, but why do we have to follow any rules when the only thing we’re talking about here is fun?

Why the length of the fork tubes? Why a front wheel without brakes? …Simply because we wanted to.

Listen to the sound here

We want to thank Daniel Delfour for his unbelievable work, he knew how to read our thoughts and always pushed the quality of the bike further and further. Momo from Momo bikes services for the great job he did on the painting and the exhaust pipes and a great and very special thanks to Benoit Guerry from Studio Ze for his pictures and longtime support.


vincent prat said...

I would especially thank for their patience an support:
Tania, Louise, Frank, Benoit, Momo, Yves J, Paul D'O, Chris "BikeExif", Amaryllis and Ian, Jean-Jacques, Jérome, Thierry, Olive, Lionel, Olivier, Theo, Daniel & Evelyne, Laurent...
and all I've forgotten.

Frank Sider said...

I want to thank my wife Faizath, my kids Robin, Milan & my princess Cosima, Vincent my friend, Yves J. Hayat , Paul D'Orleans, Amaryllis & Ian, the Southsiders, Benoit Guerry, Momo, Bike exif, Come Chantrel, Pasccal & Aurelie, the Ramones & Frank Lloyd Wright. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

YJH said...

Vincent & Frank, merci pour le cadeau de Noël_Bravo à vous tous, quel trio : Charriaut/Prat/Delfour et top quintet avec Guerry et Momo_manque le son : possible pour le réveillon du 31_Joyeuses Fêtes à tous

studioze said...

merci à tous ceux qui m'ont fait confiance pour ce shooting et surtout magnifique projet.
merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Très Beau projet réaliser avec une super équipe .

Encore merci

le prof d'olive la gaffe said...
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vincent prat said...

Merry Christmas to you:

Jérome+Valérie, Jean-Claude+Sylvie, Benoit+Fabienne, Thierry+Juliette, Philippe+ Dom, Yves+ T, Didier+ Véronique, Emmanuel+Natalie, Thomas+ Helene , Pierre+Mimi,Olivier+Sophie, Olive,Momo,,Ben,Nick and the Men's file staff, Keith F., Seb Lorentz, Stefano Ottonero, Orazio Scanporino, Matteo il Ferrovecchio, Shinya,Jon The selvedge yard, Hiro and Derek at LL, Ben and Gary, Dav.Lecontainer, Hughes le Dépassionné, Don "Détour", Bing Copeland, jean des Rosiers,DoubleOhtwo, Polo and Odessa, Kim BCM, Matt"Machine",Nico Lépine and the Flatheads, Les Coyotes,the Redmax, Joshua from Bombay, Javier y Ana, John the Rapid Hare, Jean Luc Borgetto,Driver46,Daniel D. Gégé Guerra, Patrick Daffos, Laurent Tomas, Charles Epineau, Erasmus The Phantom, Zack and Scott,Wojtek Kopczynski 

Lightsaber said...

De toute évidence le photographe ne maitrise pas la lumière.
Quel dommage de massacrer une si belle ligne.
L'art du noir sur fond noir n'est pas à la portée de tous.
Quel gâchis!

matt machine said...

boys....that triton is totally unbelievably beautiful...its a credit to all that worked on it....beautiful...beautiful....


please deliver to braidwood asap.


toni said...

Sabre de lumière, quelques tips pour les Fêtes :
_un nouvel ordi (Mac if possible)
_une nouvelle carte graphique avec ton déjà sous le sapin nouvel ordi
_un nouvel écran (Eizo si Papa Noël pas en crise du côté de chez toi, quoique les prix ont vraiment baissé)
_changer l'emplacement de ton Eizo : pas la face écran directement au soleil (quoique parfois faut mieux vivre là où il y a du soleil)
_nettoyer tes lunettes avec le petit chiffon livré avec l'Eizo
_voir un eye doctor si cela continue après 15 jours de repos
_enfin, si rien n'y fait, aiguiser ton sabre
Joyeuses Fêtes, Lucky Boy

VonSontag said...

Alors là, les mecs, je vous dis chapeau !
Cette meule est magnifique.

Vous êtes parvenus, en réunissant vos compétences et vos visions, à produire un objet extraordinaire. J'ai hâte de la voir rouler.

C'est un vrai cadeau de Noël pour tous les amateurs de motos.

Merci et joyeuses fêtes à tous.

vincent prat said...

Ok Lightsaber
Je t'offre l'occasion de nous montrer ton savoir faire, car nous aimons l'image d'une manière générale et la photo en particulier, propose nous un sujet (peu importe lequel) et nous le publierons, ceci n'est pas un piège, mais j'ai vraiment l'impression que tu en connais un rayon. L'adresse mail se trouve en haut du blog.

R.Dress said...

Great looking bike! Will you be posting some videos of it?

Jean said...

Bravo, une véritable oeuvre d'art!

Richard Clairefond said...

Absolutely stunning guys. Great work!

jcb said...

félicitation pour le travail,je trouve le mélange racer et kustom kulture de très bon goût peut être un jour aurons nous l'occasion d'effectuer quelques tours de roues au guidon de ce fabuleux bolide(le rêve est permis).
bises et poignées de mains à tout ceux et celles qui me reconnaîtrons.
happy new year.

Tom said...

is this the same bike as the chanel one?.... did you lend it to them or something? beautiful by the way

jérôme said...

Great, simply great...
The pictures too
Welcome among us

Happy New Year and see you for riding again and again

Anonymous said...


Brian 'Spoo' Spour said...

Just come across your blog and I want to say the pics,designs,photographs and bikes etc.. are WOW!!!!Nice to see such a wide scope of 'lifestyle'.Keep up the great work, will look at everyday...


jimbo said...

That's well nice, where the casing on the engine originally black? I think I have seen black casing on Triumph engine b4, I believe on the later models, but it really goes well with the bike. Great direction a smashing mix of modern and old, it must be tempting once you have gathered the parts together to create just another Triton Cafe racer, they are so popular for good reason, cuz the look great. So it's quite brave to go so off the beaten track with this bike, I love it.

Unknown said...

La perfezione a 360 gradi. Complimenti ;)

olderbutnowiser said...

Nice work boys - nice proportions, nice finish, nice theme!

erik said...

avez vous pense a industraliser votre superbe machine? je serai acheteur

erik said...

pensez vous indutrialiser votre moto?
je serai acheteur. Elle est superbe.

perskie said...

Aargh! Web site error - 404 file not found for the mp3 of the bike's sound!