Yes ... I know (partII)

Yes Frank you know me as well...
I prefer without sugar, like this way:

Yes ... I know

Yes i know but fuck its a good song.
Vinç u can delete it if its to hard for u ... Joking !!!

The "Million miles" BSA rider...

Philippe Loison aka "ZONZON", (Coyote Racing Team) member is born in britannia (Normandy),and lives in "Pernes les Fontaines" in the South East of France. He's also a very big fan of BSA singles B serie and twins with his brother Pierre. 2 years ago, Zonzon, his wife, sons and brother went to Corsica Island with a bunch of BSA B33, B31, A10 and Triumph Tiger Cub.

My friend is riding his own A10 BSA around 48 000 miles a year!!! , that means that his ass is quite often on the bike's seat as Attila on his horse...

here are some shots of him before taking the road, of his bike, where lot of modfications have been done like the needle roller bearings, the oil feed conversion, Bonnie front 2 Leading shoes brake.

Zonzon is also fan of side-car racing and demos, as passenger on a BMW panier, and is working so hard to build a BSA A10 side car, with big wheels.
One of the last road Hero...

"Bon voyage"