Birth of a "Master" Builder (part 3)


...To realize my new project, I spoke about it to Guy Coulon who encouraged me immediately. He already had an idea and proposed me a modern engine
Apart of crankcases of which I could use to avoid the foundry expenses . Then I began to built a 3 cylinder and to make a complete motorcycle, in mind of the Agostini MV3 that had brought him so often to the supreme title.
A magnificent music and a unique look (although...).
I placed from this day a MV3 poster in my workshop, to glance an eye on it from time to time.

I took this engine, and then with a grinder, I cut all which I did not need. Guy Coulon had a drawing software and supplies me the crankshaft plans to make its manufacture.

By waiting for its realization, I began building the frame then the seat, tank and front fairing, without plans and everything only with the "feeling".

In the spirit but without making a replica, by looking well, everything is different from the MV3.
I had then to make a timing case, by gears set which goes back up of the crankshaft towards camshafts. I bought a milling machine, set to work and machined for the first time a timing case successfully !

The fork, brakes and wheels are Ceriani found in swap meets.
The ignition is made by one of my knowledge, the same that on my Honda.
Pistons have been specially made in the U.S.
I realized the drawing and the sketches of camshafts, very stressful moment because the precision due to the fast steel is extreme and without right to any mistakes.
The timing sprockets set was made by a friend.

I made the wiring harness and the exhausts system , the paint job (outside) to take advantage of the sun and the dusts!

with the new cranckshaft, I was able to finish the engine , which is thrown on the dyno to make a pre-grinding. First starting up: big emotion!, then first tuning and finally very positive power tests.
The dry clutch is now effective, the motorcycle works well.

It's time for me to start another project. It will be a "long breath" project, because the engine will be completely built by my own care. Today the rebuilding doesn't interest me anymore ,
I prefer building.

many thanks to all those who closely or by far participated in my adventures. Today my pleasure is to pilot these two motorcycles and also to meet a multitude of people who come towards me to know:
How and why?

action and sound for the"JlSP503"

Want to see more? here is the GALLERY

A "Masterpiece" isn't it? thanks a lot to Jean-Luc and we are all waiting for the next bike

Extreme Surf ... its Wild

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8) Punta Lobos, Chile
9) Ghost Trees, California
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