birth of a "master" builder (part 2)

This week we discover how Jean-Luc began to build is very first bike.
no plans ! only the "feeling"

...My job did not leave me the time to live completely my passion. During the evenings or on Sundays, I was however able to restore motorcycles for my own account.
When I stopped my activity, I was then able to give free court to my passion, my wife and my children always let me make that I loved by top everything: the motorcycle and I thank them for it...
I had some years previously met Guy Coulon, a reference in the race and Grand-Prix world. He had just finished the construction of a 20000tr/mn six cylinders engine , that's what decided on me to realize a new project.

He proposed me a 18000 tr/mn, HONDA 250 CBR R engine returned from Japan

Having seen Grand-Prix motorcycles pics of the 60/70's in a Japanese book, I did not hesitate one second !

The motorcycle which I wished to build looked like a HONDA 1962 RC 162 . Having no plan, I made a scale from a 18" wheel on a photography, what has allowed to measure the lengthes of tubes and angles to make the frame.

Then, I made my first one frame, tank, seat and the alloy front fairing . I always go at the end of what I begin, even if sometimes it is necessary to take time to achieve...

Now, I drive this machine since 4 years on tracks and set apart tunings and oil changes, I didn't dismantle nothing since its assembly, I simply changed the Fontana front brake by a Honda replica 4 LS brake .
This motorcycle being finished, I measured a little better my capacities and then wanted to begin the construction of an engine and I had an idea...

Next week the story of a marvel : the "JLSP 503"

watch the sound!!!!!!