A French-American bitza story

Here is the "hartere's" story. by Alain Ghetti
The departure idea was to build a racer based on a WL 750 harley-Davidson to go racing with friends on "WR" replicas. The price of the missing parts being a little bit excessive, because I had only the engine, I had to wait for the project, Until day or by going to a friend possessing a "Terrot", i fall on a frame and a (foot) four speed gearbox. I then thought of transplanting my engine in this frame. Came then the first assembly, an extension of the frame of 10 inches and the manufacturing of engine plates. The engine being fixed in the frame and alligned with the gearbox, I missed then the fork.I Found it at good price in "lvm magazine".

I had to adapt two "Terrot" drum brakes coupled there to transform them into double cams as on the "vincent"motorcycle.
Finally the motorcycle was on its wheels.
So i found the gas tank, a 1925 " GĂ©nial Lucifer" in Moto Salon and i cut it in two, divided up half for the oil and the other one for the gasoline. The seats are also home-made.
After four months of rather regular work, the "trap" is finally assembled.
There was not more than a last dismantling for a clean and especially functional final assembling.

The logo and the naming " hartere " were found and brush-painted by my friend Patrice in the spirit of the 30s.

During my first ride taken to the "Luc" racetrack, the motorcycle had a big success and intrigued everybody, which was thus this mysterious brand?
The motorcycle behaviour is satisfactory, and the foot gearbox more practical than a tank shifter. Now the "Hartere" represents for me, the pleasure of a successful challenge, which allows me to be on the track with my friends.