2008 Cathedral's Rally

Southsiders TR6 Triumph equipage finished second at the 2008 cathedral's rally ...

Beyond the Valley of Baztan (basque country)

When you cross the French-Spanish border on the Atlantic side, you arrive directly in the valley of Baztan. This place situated in the heart of the Basque country presents for me several interests, the first one, it's the quality of mountain roads much better and better exposed to the sun than in France, we would often imagine on a circuit, the second it's the quality of the numerous typicals restaurants and the third it's the quality of the landscape and architecture.(houses are dated from the 17th century!)
On the pics:
Philippe " deceive the death " on its 996, Didier and Véronique on the Stark Aprilia, my wife Tania and i on the brave Norton Commando. That was a very good 180miles daytrip...

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