A Monster re-birth

Marc Boulangé ... this guy is rad.
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The Black Journey 1924-1925

A great route to the "great isle"In crossing the Sahara two years earlier, Haardt and Audoin had clearly proved that the car was indeed the ideal means of locomotion for linking North Africa to West Africa. Others had already set their sights further. So it occurred that one day, French President Gaston Doumergue mentioned to André Citroën and Georges-Marie Haardt the advantages of a regular link between the African colonies and Madagascar, a French territory isolated in the Indian ocean.

Its an amazing book that i recommand you to read


Jimmy Shine - SoCal Speed Shop

Jimmy Shine was a man raised by his hot rod family while residing in Temple City, California. Shine refined his Hot Rod capabilities with his dad Denny and became submerged in the car world by creating custom vehicles and greasers who had a need for emense speed. Your regular town car junky with tattoos and a cocky attitude had raised his own stock by making some of the best, coolest, and fastest machines to hit the road. He was hired by So-Cal Speed Shop and with his attitude and hardcore emotions became the whipping boy to So-Cals speed shops jokes and unmerciful teasing. Because he put his personalitiy into the work, Jimmy Shine became one of the heart and souls of So Cal Speed Shop.
This guy is cool